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Tin Poppy Tea

Tin Poppy Wood-Fired Sauna

Tin Poppy Wood-Fired Sauna

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In our wood-heated saunas, you will enjoy the sauna culture in its most authentic way. The atmospheric light of the blazing flame, the scent of wood, and the pleasant hum from burning wood will relax your mind.

  1. You should start heating your sauna at least 30 minutes before you start your session so that the rocks and sauna walls have time to heat up.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of wood chopped before you begin. Likewise, make sure you fill any water buckets beforehand, so you don’t have to leave the heat of the sauna if you want to make a little bit of steam.
  3. For the first sauna round, you’ll want to sit in dry heat for 10 – 15 minutes. The goal is to heat your body evenly and thoroughly.
  4. After 10 or 15 minutes, take a cool down break go for a snow roll, or a cold shower.
  5. Round 2 ~ Now, this round, you’ll want to make steam by pouring water over the heated rocks. This process is known as löyly — and while it may be uncomfortable at first, the steam will allow the hot air to heat your core more efficiently.

You can also scent the steam by mixing essential oils with your bucket of water for an extra relaxing or stimulating experience.

  1. If you like, you can repeat the process several times. Two to three rounds is most common.

Lighting the sauna stove:

  1. Chop kindling into small, 1” and less diameter pieces
  2. Lay kindling on crumpled newspaper and light
  3. Keep feeding the fire small pieces to heat the stove up quickly then gradually start adding larger pieces.
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